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Making Your
Recycling Targets
Work for You

ROC Recycling Solutions specialise in the recycling, recovery and repurposing of plastic, cardboard and metal waste materials.
Efficient enterprise-wide recycling policies are imperative to meet environmental and carbon reduction targets.

Plastics Recycling


Experienced professionals we deliver dedicated custom and streamlined plastics recycling solutions for your enterprise. We can design and implement a total cradle-to-cradle recycling solution for your plastic and cardboard recyclates anywhere in Ireland – North and South.
Cardboard Recycling


Cardboard Recycling – Ireland North and South. We adhere to full circle waste recycling principles and can tailor-make a custom solution for your plastic and cardboard materials anywhere in Ireland. With our team of experienced professionals we deliver dedicated bespoke recycling solutions for enterprises large and small.
Metal Recycling


Maximize the value of your waste streams, save time and increase efficiency. With our experienced professional team we can deliver dedicated custom recycling solutions for your enterprise. Our total cradle-to-cradle recycling solution for your metal and other waste material will optimize revenue and boost the productivity of your business processes.
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01. Cradle-to-Cradle

Increase the efficiency and reliabililty of your waste streams throughout the product lifecycle.

02. Streamlined Process

Save time and maximize revenue with certainty of collection times and volumes.

03. Circular Economy

Increase reuse and waste prevention with enhanced recycling options to minimize need for landfill.

01. Unlock Value

Unlock the value inherent in your waste paper and cardboard with a free consultation.

02. Flexible Service

We can evaluate your needs and give an accurate assessment of how to best structure your recycling plan.

03. Sustainability

Recycling is environmentally friendly, aids in decarbonisation and is ecologically beneficial.

01. Valuable Resource

Recycling metal uses 95% less energy than manufacturing it from raw materials.

02. High Demand

There is a high demand for scrap metal across several industries due to its high source cost.

03. Versatile Material

Metals, both ferrous and non-ferrous, are highly versatile and are readily recyclable.