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About Us Overview

ROC Recycling Solutions Limited is a waste management service provider to the commercial and industrial sector. We are an Irish owned company headed by nationally and internationally respected professionals. We have expertise in waste processing, brokering, and recycling. Since forming, ROC Recycling is driven by its values of service, sustainability, and value for money.

ROC Recycling Solutions specialise in the management of source segregated recyclables. We also handle a wide spectrum of nonhazardous solid wastes. We operate nationwide and across all industrial and commercial sectors. For every type of waste we have a suitable and appropriate solution. 
We collect the following materials: Cardboard, Paper, Plastic Films, Rigid Plastics, Tyres & Rubber Scrap, PVC Windows, Net & Rope, Redundant Packaging, Timber & Wood, Aluminium Packaging, Steel Packaging, W.E.E.E., Bottles & Containers, Composite Packaging, Off-spec packaged Goods, Point of Sale Merchandising, Textile & synthetics.
From our Laois headquarters, and in partnership with our network of renewables manufacturers, we convert recyclable waste streams into raw materials and products for the manufacturing, construction and agricultural sectors. Non-recyclable waste streams are directed into waste-to-energy recovery applications as fuel feedstock for the energy and cement industry. 
We can deliver to our manufacturing clients a unique 'cradle to cradle' waste management solution designed to optimize the sustainability of product lifecycles. When implemented this methodology promotes prevention/reduction, maximizes re-use/recycling and minimizes the waste stream. 
Our goal is to utilise our in-house knowledge to provide sustainable waste solutions to our suppliers. 
We view waste as a valuable raw material and we make all efforts to give waste a second life as a raw material or product. 
We believe we are making a tangible contribution to resolving the global issue of raw materials shortage and to achieving climate targets. 

In this section, you will find information about our mission , history and management team. You can also read testimonials from satisfied partners.





Telephone: +353-5786-30635
Telephone: +353-5786-30636
Email: info@rocrecycling.com
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